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A brief description of each department overall corporate support and services provided by Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) are as follows:

Operations Management

We can help you develop or improve the following critical elements of your management company platform: vision, mission, strategy, balanced scorecard, compensation plan, job descriptions, management reviews, communication standards, talent plans and operating platforms.

Organizational Structure & Prioritization
We'll work closely with your team to determine an organizational structure that will support your growth and focus on quality objectives such as customer service and how it affects revenue.

We understand that most independent hotel management companies are overwhelmed with priorities and the decisions that are influenced by them. These decisions are often made without regard to the highest contribution of economic value which can incrementally affect revenue and production. We have a process to improve alignment and maximize efficiency.

Facilities & Engineering

Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) Engineering Consultant will assist with the facilities group oversees all areas of property maintenance, engineering issues, renovations, property improvement program analysis, and product conversions.
In recent years, Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) has successfully completed more than $50 million in Property Improvement Plan related projects, renovations, and conversion construction.
The Facilities Group can also provide architectural support, interior design support, and engineering technical support.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Consultant of Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) technology element provides as needed support for the IT demands of the property. This begins with an overall IT audit to determine if the property has the appropriate hardware and software systems installed and to ensure that these systems are correctly configured. Because HCA's properties are affiliated with numerous brands, we can draw upon a wealth of experience when it comes to Property Management Systems (PMS), file and Active Directory services, telephony systems, system interfaces, e-mail, accounting systems, Internet and routing, reservation engines and yield management. We can also provide on-going tech support to the property team.

Recruitment & Training

It is Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) objective to hire the best professionals for all its property. Once a property is under management, HCA will search for talented people that are the best match for the professional opportunities presented at the property. HCA also encouraged that employees of all properties within the portfolio gain or maintain applicable certifications within their communities, hospitality network, or within the brand that they represent. HCA provide accountability and incentive systems with a process to develop a balanced scorecard that will focus your organization on the outcomes that will drive high performance, internal consistency and loyalty.


The accounting specialists at Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) bring years of experience, accounting knowledge, and a focused dedication to their discipline. The Accounting consultant reviews, in detail, all financial aspects of the operating performance of each of the hotels. HCA will work with the property controller / ownership to consistently review each property’s ongoing financial performance, operating efficiencies, and adherence to appropriate systems and procedures.

Human Resources

Employees of Hospitality Consulting Analyst (HCA) have a high level of job satisfaction, because of the systems and incentives available. Employees are consistently developed at the property level through training on site. HCA assist ownership with opportunities for employee career advancement. We also assist in finding cost effective way for employees to be eligible to receive health benefits through a competitive plan, as well as participation in bonus programs, both for line level and management positions. All programs, incentives and benefits are at the discretion of the ownership of the individual property.